Case Study

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Case Study – Rezeko

 In 2008 when easyIT started working with Rezeko, a solar power company, the business was at the start of a high growth strategy that saw it grow from 6 to 55 staff in three years. IT evolved from day to day maintenance to an integrated risk management strategy and easyIT become a trusted advisor as part of that process.
As a rapidly growing business, Erik Zimmerman, CEO of Rezeko identified that IT was critical and easyIT was referred to Erik as a business partner who could keep up with the rapidly changing environment. When easyIT started to work with Rezeko in 2008, the business needed to implement IT disciplines and take that next step up in terms of IT professionalism. From the ground up, easyIT implemented systems, which minimised loss of productivity.
Over a three-year period, easyIT become a business partner that allowed for rapid growth and assisted in the sale of the business to AGL.  During the six month due diligence period, AGL were full of praise and were impressed with the IT set up that had been established by easyIT.  The Rezeko business was sold and become known as AGL Solar.
Rezeko initially operated without an in-house IT Manager however as the business grew an in house IT Manager was appointed.  easyIT then seamlessly switched roles to work alongside the internal resources. Overall, easyIT played a significant role in creating an IT model to assist Rezeko grow their business fast which then also became a platform for the business to be sold to AGL.

Being a rapidly growing business, Rezeko was determined to get IT right and easyIT worked with Rezeko to deliver various solutions to meet the needs of the business.
The initial brief in 2008 to easyIT included:

  • Management of the complete network
  • Creation of standard operating systems
  • Security best practice
  • Disaster recovery solutions

Erik notes that the business was growing so fast (on average adding a new staff member every two weeks), the IT needs changed quickly. “The great aspect of working with easyIT was the ability to meet our rapidly changing IT needs and easy access to a team who knew our business inside out.”
easyIT helped to manage the complete IT environment from desktops to printers through to the server and disaster recovery infrastructure. easyIT were also involved strategically from a forward planning perspective.
As Rezeko grew, easyIT were one of a select group of external suppliers who were invited to join the management team to discuss business risks and provide recommendations. easyIT presented a high availability and scalable solution, which the business then implemented.
“At a point in time during our partnership with easyIT, I calculated that the business would lose $10,000 per hour in lost sales if our IT systems went down. The risk was too great and easyIT helped us to design a solution which meant that never eventuated”
After the due diligence process, Rezeko was sold to AGL in 2011 and integrated into the overall AGL business.  AGL then engaged easyIT for a further two years past the sale of Rezeko to assist with the transitioning of the business unit into the AGL corporate network.

The easyIT business model is flexible and can be scaled up and down to suit a client’s changing business needs. Having a scalable service has enabled Rezeko to call upon the easyIT resources when needed.  The easyIT team also cover a broad spectrum of IT, whether it’s at a strategic level or with day-to-day operational considerations. Erik also notes that the easyIT team have a very strong commercial focus. For a rapidly growing business like Rezeko, easyIT is a one-stop shop for all things IT and provided a significant competitive advantage without the associated overheads. easyIT can provide IT services to small and large sized businesses alike.

In a growing and small business, getting the right IT system is absolutely critical and easyIT have played a very important role for Rezeko.
Erik notes that “IT is an aspect of business that can really make or break” and through the association with easyIT, IT was not been a barrier to growth. For a small business in a complex Industry, from an IT perspective, EasyIT has provided a smooth platform for operation.