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Make doing busines easier

Is mobility a crucial part of your business operations? Are you operating from multiple sites? Make doing business easier with the EasyIT Cloud. Cloud (off-site) based data services are crucial to your business as it grows and your users need to be more mobile.

The time and financial cost of managing individual workstations for multiple office locations are unrealistic. It limits the efficiency of your IT person and hampers your productivity. Is this a necessary expense for your business? Or would you rather have that money sitting in your bank account as profit or spent on a holiday with your family?

Traditional IT uses a company server to host the business IT infrastructure. Employees can only access from certain devices. With the model costly maintenance, upgrades, ongoing support, security, and updates are all expenses incurred as part of this setup.

Cloud Infrastructure Solutions:

  • easyIT Cloud
  • Workspace (Hosted Desktop)
  • easyIT Cloud Email
  • easyIT Cloud Servers
  • easyIT Cloud Backup
  • Office365
  • Microsoft Azure

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It’s YOUR cloud

No two companies are the same. We’ll review your unique requirements to determine the best fit for your business.

We work with all sizes of organizations, from start-ups to enterprises with offices all over the world. Whether you’re an IT team looking to outsource the management of a cloud application or a business that needs help with implementing a migration to a cloud platform or solution, we can help.

Truly bespoke

Easy IT Cloud lets you ditch costly hardware and license maintenance fees- enabling you to access your IT systems from any device, anywhere in the world, just as if you were right in your office.

  • Simplified systems and infrastructure for your business.
  • Increased freedom and flexibility.
  • Quick resolution of problems.
  • Improved security and data protection.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Predictability of costs.

Are you looking to streamline your IT resources to increase productivity and enhance security
but don’t know where to start?

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Why easyIT?

Technology has advanced to a point where faults can be detected automatically and fixed before you even notice them. If you have recurring issues it could be a result of how your IT provider is incentivised. If they are incentivised to provide break and fix services by the hour then that’s exactly what they’ll do.

Put an end to reactive IT management and get back to strategic forward thinking that helps you grow your business.